Since its establishment, our school has focused on skills improvement training in the field of digital art, and has successively carried out more than 150 courses such as “Business Illustration”, “Graphic Design”, “Famous Enterprise Training Course”, “Ancient Chinese Illustration”, and “Avatar by iPad”. Such courses have assisted more than 1.33 million people in the form of mini-classes, information packages, recorded lessons, and live broadcasts. Through the accumulation of multi-dimensional data, our school upgrades and optimizes the content of the course bi-monthly. Now we have more than 60 original courses and their copyrights, more than 10 software copyrights, and 7 patents. At the same time, we have built a self-developed flexible employment platform (SHEJIDNA.COM) to provide commercial illustration practice and employment opportunities. Based upon those advantages, we could build a unique art education system, our courses:

The content is original and meets mainstream needs: all courses are self-developed and have copyright protection. More than 115 people of our teaching team devotes themselves to research and develop courses, and continue to optimize with the guidance of the externally-appointed expert advisory group for achieving bi-monthly course upgrade to ensure that the skills mastered by students are the mainstream style and demand points of the industry.

The services are provided through platform standardization: Digitization runs through the whole student learning cycle. More than 50 engineers of the R&D team provides student status file systems, homework mini-apps, and business training platforms, and provides undifferentiated digital services to ensure teaching supervision service standards and quality assurance without omissions.

Comprehensive support after class: In addition to course learning, we attach great importance to training. Outstanding graduates can enter the flexible employment platform (SHEJIDNA.COM) to seek commercial needs, and professional AE(Account Executive) and BD(Business Development) teachers are available for their first business commissions. In addition, the teacher will also provide appropriate support to improve learning efficiency.